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It is an exciting time for Ugpi'ganjig First Nation! A time of change, advancement, challenges and evolution for our small community and the greater Aboriginal community across Canada. As we move forward as a new council we recognize the hard work of our predeccessors who brought us to where we are today and the responsibility we have to continue to carry on working towards a better community in these rapidly changing times.

We must face the changing issues such as accountable governance, matrimonial real property, sustainable housing with commitment, perserverance and professionalism for our people.

My commitment to the people of my community is to promote strong governance through accountability and transparency, to honour our elders, culture, language and traditions and to respect the fair and equal treatment of our membership, in realizing the vision for our community.

Our vision is to;

collectively achieve social and economic well-being of our members by promoting

  • Fairness and equality
  • Respect and honour
  • Accountability and responsibility
and inclusion in the advancement of our community’s rightful place in society.